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Buildings Insurance Surveyor/Estimator - Bedfordshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 213281

BUILDINGS INSURANCE SURVEYOR/ESTIMATOR who has been self-employed in the building and property maintenance industry for over 30 years. In last role, surveyed and estimated for insurance based building works.

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Chartered Building Surveyor - West Yorkshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 1093

CHARTERED BUILDING SURVEYOR who has gained considerable experience of claims handling throughout the north of England and further afield as the need arises. Has surveyed an extensive level of dwellings for building claim purposes, gaining an extensive understanding of vernacular construction, building investigation and surveying and repair techniques.

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Surveyor/Adjuster - Devon

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 198285

SURVEYOR/ADJUSTER with extensive construction industry experience. Entered loss adjusting having previously worked as a surveyor specialising in insurance projects following damage caused by fire, flood, storm and impact.

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Valuation Surveyor - Essex

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 213121

VALUATION/SERVICING SURVEYOR who has gained extensive experience, currently responsible for undertaking valuations of private buildings and valuation surveys on various properties, none domestic. Insurance valuation for office blocks/private dwellings.

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Surveying Field Contract Manager/Surveyor - North Yorkshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 212895

SURVEYING FIELD CONTRACT MANAGER/LEAD SURVEYOR with experience in particular buildings and contents claims management, loss adjusting and claims validation along with working closely with brokers, stakeholders and intermediaries. Managing own diary and arranging appointments to carry out both domestic and commercial property survey appointments direct with customers and clients.

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Building Surveyor - Surrey

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 182291

BUILDING SURVEYOR with experience gained in private practice and within a loss adjuster. Has held the position of building surveyor carrying out surveys for various housing associations.

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Surveyor Contracts Manager - Cambridgeshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 207109

SURVEYOR CONTRACTS MANAGER with property and project management experience gained with various disciplines. Experienced with insurance claims management including indemnity, validation, repudiation and remedial works and settlement.

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Surveyor Contract Manager - Newport

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 212633

SURVEYOR CONTRACT MANAGER with insurance surveying, contract management and maintenance surveying experience for both domestic and commercial buildings. Experienced in managing a team of surveyors and contract managers.

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Building Surveyor - Hertfordshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 120302

BUILDING SURVEYOR who has responsibility for calculating costs for remedial works to fire, storm and water damage and domestic properties. Produces factual reports on the causes of damage determining liability.

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Field Surveyor - Dorset

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 179584

FIELD SURVEYOR experienced in completing surveys for both commercial and domestic properties, and project managing building repairs associated with all perils including, fire, flood and impact. Prior to this was involved in the settlement of subsidence claims.

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