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Field Investigator - London

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 213004

FIELD INVESTIGATOR who is currently responsible for managing 60-80 cases at a time ranging from £10,000 to £1.2 million in potential pay outs and mitigating risk to the insurance companies.

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Liability Adjuster/Solicitor - Hertfordshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 195690

LIABILITY ADJUSTER/SOLICITOR with extensive experience gained as a defendant lawyer and loss adjuster. Has comprehensive experience and expertise in Motor, Employer’s/Public Liability, Catastrophic Injury, Product Liability and Fraud claims.

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Special Investigator - Cardiff

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 196344

SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR with 11 years experience gained in the adjusting and insurance sectors. Managed a portfolio of claims identified as being potentially fraudulent of which the cases involved household, motor, commercial, agricultural and liability insurances.

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Special Investigator - Cardiff

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 130641

SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR with 4 years experience gained in the insurance sector before entering adjusting in 2004. Has dealt with general insurance fraud which totalled £1.

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Special Fraud Investigator - West Midlands

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 210856

SPECIAL FRAUD INVESTIGATOR with extensive insurance experience gained within the same major insurer. Initially commenced career within liability and fleet underwriting progressing to a claims environment handling both domestic and commercial claims.

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Technical Claims Manager - Surrey

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 94983

TECHNICAL CLAIMS MANAGER with extensive experience gained within the insurance and adjusting sectors. Has specialised in the investigation of household, commercial, local authority and motor claims.

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Field Investigator - Scotland

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 103341

FIELD INVESTIGATOR currently handling Major and Complex Loss, commercial and domestic claims throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland predominantly over £100,000. Prior to this handled domestic and commercial claims up to £500,000 in value throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Investigations Manager - Cambridgeshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 209163

INVESTIGATIONS MANAGER with experience of liaising and working with multiple agencies, within the UK. Responsible for casework, liaising, marketing, training, and upgrading policies and equipment.

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Building Surveyor - Nottinghamshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 206265

BUILDINGS SURVEYOR with 11 years experience. Currently carries out independent inspections for third party liability claims, including domestic and commercial buildings insurance claims on behalf of multiple insurers, compiling in-depth loss adjusting reports, accurate scoping, clear aerial photography with live video footage of the damage while on site.

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Technical Fraud Investigator - Newport

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 208394

TECHNICAL FRAUD INVESTIGATOR with a range of skills and knowledge gained over 12 years of experience in branch banking, property home insurance and complex/large loss fraud investigations. Has a current high caseload of property complex/large loss fraud cases and a successful track record of proven fraud prevention.

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