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Candidate Attraction Rate


What is a candidate attraction rate?

Simply put, a candidate attraction rate is the number of potential candidates that view your job advertisement / job description compared to the number of candidates that apply to the position.

There’s a reason why improving your candidate attraction rate is more than just a trend. A strong candidate attraction rate is important to ensure the health of your candidate pipeline and save costs on your recruitment process. If you have a high candidate attraction rate, it means that you’ll be putting less effort and money, into creating a number of job descriptions and advertising them on multiple mediums in order to get the right number of candidates.

Why could your candidate attraction strategy be failing?

It’s easy to lose heart by an extremely low number of applications in a candidate driven market. If this is something you’re consistently struggling with, then it’s time to change to a more dynamic approach to candidate attraction. Here are  five most common mistakes that recruiters and HR professionals can make in their strategy.

1. Your application process is too long.

It’s important to be thorough during the application to cut down on time spent at later stages. But it’s also essential that you also value candidates’ time as well. The first step of the application process, leaving your CV, can easily get out of control when you add in qualifying questionnaires or extra required information.

2. Candidates don’t know what to expect from your company.

Looking for a new opportunity can be stressful, whether you’re an active job seeker or not. While understanding the particular skills or role that your company is looking for is important, candidates would also like to know what their day-to-day life might look like at your company.

3. Your site gave a bad impression.

If you’ve gone through the effort of creating a great job description this effort can be totally wasted if the careers site hosting the job doesn’t strike the right tone. Your careers site can play a powerful role in impacting candidates’ first impressions of your company or role.

4. You didn’t advertise on the right channels.

The post-and-pray method of attracting talent is dead. There are many channels and job boards out there to help you find the right talent. The challenge, however, lies in identifying the most relevant ones and the ones that provide the most value for money. If you’re looking to improve your candidate attraction methods, assess your current advertisement strategy to determine whether its suitable for your roles, business, and talent acquisition strategy.

5. They looked at your employer reviews… and they weren’t great.

Often employer reviews are seen as a wildcard element you can’t control. While you might not be able to stop candidates from airing complaints online, you can control their experience with your organisation. Candidates often research you before applying to your roles, looking on social media and review sites. One poor review could be damaging to your future candidate attraction efforts.

It can come as a shock when you open an empty email box with no ad response.. Candidate attraction is no longer as easy as it once was. Take a look at your applications process, communication, employer brand, careers site, and online reviews to make sure that you’re not accidentally losing valuable candidates.


Writen by: Donna Pastor on 2020-02-10

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