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Consultant Interview: Jayne

We have asked our Recruitment Consultants to share their experiences and knowledge within the industry, and next on our list is Jayne Moss - Managing Consultant for General Insurance recruitment.


How long have you been in the industry

I have been in recruitment for almost 6 years now.


Tell us how you got started in the Industry

I started out in the Insurance industry in 1988 at GRE. Over the years I held positions such as Underwriter, BDM, Broking Manager, Account Exec and Operations Manager. It seemed the obvious next move for me as most of my roles had been people and relationship centric which recruitment certainly is.

I cannot tell you how much easier and effective my role in recruitment has been having had 25 years’ experience in the industry beforehand. It sets me apart from some of my competitors as I understand the job roles, jargon etc and have many long standing industry contacts across the UK. I can never truly understand how you can recruit for an industry you haven’t worked in and pretend to genuinely understand it.


What was/is the biggest change in the recruitment or insurance industry you have witnessed?

If I am honest I haven’t seen too much of a change. I know that sounds mad to most, but obviously technology has changed and progressed massively and compliance too has been a big thing too, but for me, many of the same people are still in the industry and now running the businesses I recruit for, and have the same values as they did 30 years ago. I’m still a big believer in face to face meetings and telephone calls like in the “good old days”, and do this as much as possible ignoring the new technology available to me, although I have to say emails and texts do now make contacting our candidates throughout the day a bit easier!


Where do you think the industry is heading?

Quite frankly its going nowhere other than up!!  I accept that the market is shrinking due to acquisitions etc, and many companies do now have their own in-house teams, however there will always be room for a quality recruiter to be part of their recruitment process, the market contacts, 40 years plus worth of data base etc cannot be ignored. Here at Independent Appointments we work confidentially and with full transparency. We are not targeted on CV despatches, telephone calls or fees etc like our competitors, so every call we make or every CV is quality hence why we are on so many PSLs and hopefully will continue to be. Myself and colleague are working closely with the Leeds Insurance Institute on attracting younger people into the industry so our skills, advice and experience is widely sought after, which I feel is a credit to us and makes our contribution feel valuable and I’m proud of this.


Technology influence, how did you think this has/will change (good and bad) the future of the industry?

Obviously it goes without saying that with smart phones and apps etc our candidates can apply for jobs more easily, but still the best way is giving us a call or better still calling into see us which is why it’s great that we remain City Centre based amongst the hub of the Leeds market. That said we are always on our travels meeting clients and candidates across the UK, as we don’t think you can beat the personal contact so, whilst technology may bring value to certain aspects, it will never beat the face to face meeting.


What makes a good recruiter?

Me……only joking a good recruiter for me understands the industry they are recruiting for. Strong client and candidate relationships, honesty and discretion are important too.

The support of a good Management team and colleagues also helps which I am proud to say we have at Independent Appointments. Working for a market leader certainly helps too. We haven’t been doing what we do for approaching 45 years without being good at it!!


3 Top Tips for candidates

Be yourself/honest

Believe in yourself

Be open to ideas and suggestions – you might think you know what you want but is something different out there???


Writen by: Jayne Moss on 2020-01-08

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