Independent Appointments takes new GDPR laws seriously.


Everyone will have undoubtedly received many emails in or around May of this year regarding changes to the Data Protection Act and its replacement with General Data Protection Regulation.

At the heart of this act is essentially the protection of everyone’s personal information. I’m sure we can all agree that this is a positive and important reason for businesses to review the data they keep, how it is processed and highlight and resolve any areas for improvement (in terms of company employee, client and candidate data).

Independent and Adjusting Appointments have always treated the safety of people’s data with utmost importance.  Here is what we have done to prepare for the change in policy:

All staff are GDPR trained using external CPD accredited courses.

We issue additional surveys to staff when we experience scenarios or queries and see a learning opportunity to highlight good practice.

We have performed a full review of business processes and have streamlined our normal working practices where possible.  Though there were few changes to make due to the way we were already operating as a business we did see areas that we could minimise risk further in and made the appropriate changes. 

We worked with an external consultancy and performed a security review of our servers and network.

We have reviewed and updated our company Privacy Policy and taken steps to make our current client and candidate base aware of their rights.  The updated policy can be viewed at

Our team treats your data as they would want others to treat their own.  We endeavour to make as many steps as possible away from any potential risk and crucially we understand that this is not a one-off procedure, it is something we need to review periodically to ensure that we are in the strongest possible position. 

We look forward to working with you in the future

Thank you


Writen by: Helen Watson on 2018-10-18

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