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IAUK in Newcastle …. Get Carter and other stories.

After too long away , IAUK are back on the streets of Newcastle and enjoying a warm welcome .

For someone  like me who’s first  impressions of Newcastle and the North East were forged by the Michael Caine film “Get Carter”, the modern- day reality is a pleasant surprise , often a joy, although for off- comers , it probably helps if you’re not actually heading into the town to settle scores!  A lot of the old Newcastle has gone, for better or for worse and it seems very few people (for some reason) recognise my “Michael Caine”!

IAUK had a vibrant presence in Newcastle until 2007, I’ve set myself the task of re- kindling some old connections and in making new friends and so far, so good! I had spent time in Newcastle in previous roles and met a lot of very friendly people, although I haven’t met Mike Ashley! I  did meet the stars of “Vera” as I left one client in the centre of town in September (I dare not ask for a “selfie”, that Brenda Blethyn can be a bit fierce, I understand) you may guess which business it was when the programme is broadcast next year..

The insurance market is quite self – contained, many of the larger Insurance Companies turned their backs on the City years ago (a process accelerated by merger and acquisition) and others have a diminished presence. There are new, high - volume providers now, dotted around the edges of the community, but its’ heart seems to beat around the activities of its Broking businesses, which include most of the major nationals.   In many ways, these are first impressions too, I relish the challenge of getting to know much more than I do now.

This is a people business, hopefully it always will be. It is important for me and for IAUK to be on the ground and speak to people face to face, a commitment we made at day one and will carry gladly into the New Year and beyond. Thank you to the people I’ve met already, especially those who gave up their time so readily, I hope to see you again in 2018. I also want to thank, rather than name, my Insurance Institute connections for their time and support.

 I look forward to meeting many more people in the New Year, call me to fix an appointment and see if we can help you the IAUK way.

Writen by: Keith Kitson on 2017-12-12

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