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Has the Pandemic Changed the Insurance Market Forever?

Businesses around the world are still struggling to come to grips with the pandemic, especially those still unfamiliar with digital and online channels. The insurance industry is no different and has been forced to either innovate or get swept away.

Writen by: Nick Fraser on 2021-05-12

Top 5 Defining Trends in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has been undergoing a digital transformation for years, but it has hit warp speed to adopt a technological shift to address the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Writen by: Donna Pastor on 2021-04-28

The Fight Goes On for Loss Adjusters as the Pandemic Continues

The insurance industry in the UK is no stranger to dealing with unexpected circumstances impacting their services. In the last 20 years, insurers in the UK have had to deal with the aftermath of claims filed by businesses and individuals following natural catastrophes.

Writen by: Nick Fraser on 2021-03-02

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