Evolution of interview in insurance recruitment

The Evolution of the interview

Many of you may have seen news of companies going down the virtual interview route such as LinkedIn changing their interviews to operate over BlueJean or waiting to reschedule them at a later date.  This is a new platform for many but we think you’ll quickly grow to love it.  One of the big advantages for companies and applicants alike is the time-saving aspect that an online interview offers.

This is a fantastic way to continue with your recruitment drive but it does require preparation and running through a quick check-list to make sure you don’t hit glitches especially if this is new to you.

Before you start the first consideration is:

Choosing your platform

Holding the interview

Be understanding - Just as you may be struggling to find a quiet spot the interviewee probably is too.  If someone/something (e.g. child/dog) comes into focus / sound bear in mind that everyone is in the same position at the moment and try to reassure them if needed.   See this as a positive, you are more likely to get a better feel for who the interviewee is as a person.

Remain professional – both parties are likely to be at home with multiple distractions and still getting used to the massive shift in work/home life and those two living symbiotically but we must be careful not to make this too casual it is still an interview.

Dress just as you would in a face to face interview

Ask questions as you would in a face to face interview

It may seem daunting at first but once you’ve tried it the face-to-face interview may even become a thing of the past for you


Good luck and stay safe.


Writen by: Helen Watson on 2020-03-30

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