The Importance of LinkedIn

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are all readily available and important tools in the recruitment process.  It’s important that we recognise this if we are searching for (or to fill) a new position.  Social media ranks highly on internet searches so when a potential employer searches your name or reversely the job seeker searches the company / interviewer it is likely that they will get back social media items in their search results.

As a side note: Often people consider Facebook to be a personal social interaction tool and LinkedIn a professional one.  That being said it is important to take the time to view your profiles as an outsider and ensure that the information that you put out to the world reflects how you want to be portrayed, this is especially important if you are searching for a job.  There may/may not be personal social posts that you would want to share with friends but not necessary publicly or with future employers – this may not be the case but it is worthwhile to be mindful of and there are built-in settings and options to help you control the outside worlds view of you (from an internet search perspective).

If you are a candidate searching for a new job or a company trying to fill a new position LinkedIn is an important point of reference.  Whilst CV’s and company brochures are still a nice selling point and frame of reference, your online presence can held to affirm how you have portrayed yourself within the CV/brochure.  It is worth putting some time aside to review this and try and look at it through the eyes of your potential audience.

The LinkedIn Professional social media network is often a starting point for candidates to check out potential employers and prospective colleagues profiles.  From this they can get information about the culture and ethos of the company.  

It is equally important for the job seeker.  Their LinkedIn personal profile/brand can be a powerful tool to attract recruiters.  As an individual you can display skills, achievements and it is also a good way to show that you are technologically capable.

As such company and personal profiles need to be kept current and up-to-date, they could be the window display to what your company can offer employees or to the individual’s professional skillset and experience.

If you are trying to fill an open position or find your next career move, good luck

Writen by: Helen Watson on 2019-08-23

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