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The Evolution of the interview

Many of you may have seen news of companies going down the virtual interview route such as LinkedIn changing their interviews to operate over BlueJean or waiting to reschedule them at a later date. This is a new platform for many but we think you’ll quickly grow to love it. One of the big advantages for companies and applicants alike is the time-saving aspect that an online interview offers.

Writen by: Helen Watson on 2020-03-30

Virtual Interviews

We’ve spoken to our candidates and as many companies are moving to remote working at present one query that has been raised is around ‘virtual interviews’ – if you need assistance in this or advice please call. One of our team, Louise, has also written some great tips and advice on this…

Writen by: Louise McCluskey on 2020-03-24

What do recruiters do for their fee?

Often we will speak to a prospective or even current client (the later in jest – we hope), and there can be a commonly held (mis)conception that recruitment is “money for old rope”, a commodity and likened to professions with the worst connotations. Let’s be honest, in some cases this is correct. Sadly, there is no enforceable regulation in the sector, there are trade bodies who ask their members to maintain certain standards, but membership is not compulsory. This can lead to some people/agencies giving credence to the above statements. However, in many cases this is simply untrue, and a good recruitment consultant can and should absolutely be worth their fee. In this article, we will explore some of the things a recruitment consultant will/should be doing for you, and the benefit of using them.

Writen by: Richard Townsend on 2020-03-16

A figure to be proud of

Independent Appointments and Adjusting Appointments have been established for 45 years serving the general insurance and legal market sectors throughout the UK, and loss adjusting industry within both the UK and overseas. The company has seen several changes over the past four decades, with the closure of national offices, and now with the consultant force based in the Leeds office in West Yorkshire, they are still very well equipped in providing a first class service to both new and existing clients and candidates.

Writen by: Ros Lawrence on 2020-03-02

Candidate Attraction Rate

If you are struggling to convert job ad views into applications it may be time to review your current process. Our in-house General Insurance Managing Consultant Anthony Brooks has written an article on the importance and pit-falls of candidate attraction rate and how to improve your job advertisement conversion rate.

Writen by: Anthony Brooks on 2020-02-10

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