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Types of Business Insurance in the UK

Would you like to know what are the common types of business insurance available to small businesses in the UK?

Writen by: Andrew Cowling on 2021-06-08

How Blockchain is Disrupting the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is embracing blockchain and doubling down on their investments. Let’s find out why.

Writen by: Nick Fraser on 2021-05-25

Has the Pandemic Changed the Insurance Market Forever?

Wondering how the pandemic has changed the insurance industry? This blog takes you through key areas that have undergone transformation.

Writen by: Nick Fraser on 2021-05-13

Top 5 Defining Trends in the Insurance Industry

How are insurance trends changing? Discover 5 trends that are redefining the insurance industry.

Writen by: Donna Pastor on 2021-04-28

Controlling Costs with Strategized Health Benefits

As the cost of health benefits is expected to rise in 2021, employers should seek controlling costs by strategizing their benefits packages.

Writen by: Andrew Cowling on 2021-03-31

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