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Complex Claims Manager - Nottinghamshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 135968

COMPLEX CLAIMS MANAGER with 13 years experience gained in a loss adjusting/external field claims role.  Currently responsible for a Team of external claims investigators and is their technical referral point.

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Commercial Property Adjuster - Hampshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 216218

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ADJUSTER who entered the loss adjusting sector in 2018 having previously worked with an insurer and a variety of other environments.  Currently handles commercial property losses up to £100,000 from cradle to grave.

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Insurance Professional - Kent

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 217656

INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL with 12 years experience gained in various industry sectors including general insurance.  Has experience dealing with high level property insurance claims, motor claims and complaints resolution.

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Technical Claims Coordinator - West Midlands

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 217672

TECHNICAL CLAIMS COORDINATOR with over 3 years claims handling experience, initially within a legal practice before moving into loss adjusting in 2018.  Initially handling motor claims, subsequently moving into domestic property claims handling from cradle to grave.

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Business Development Manager/Account Executive - Tyne & Wear

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 75556

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER/ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE with 30 years sales and development experience gained within broker market and company environments. Skilled at generating own prospects by cold calling, attending networking events, exhibitions and obtaining referrals from existing clients.

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Commercial Account Executive/Business Developer - North Yorkshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 151325

COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE/BUSINESS DEVELOPER who entered the general insurance industry in 2005 and has carried out various business development and account executive roles within broking. Experienced in new business development throughout Yorkshire and the North East, co-ordinating sales and marketing campaigns.

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General Property Adjuster - Suffolk

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 146577

GENERAL PROPERTY ADJUSTER who entered the adjusting profession after spending 11 years within insurance.  An experienced underwriter and claims handler for household, high net worth, motor, caravan and commercial business.

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Senior Accident & Health Underwriter - Yorkshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 156383

SENIOR ACCIDENT & HEALTH UNDERWRITER with over 25 years general commercial insurance experience gained within technical underwriting. Experienced in negotiating and securing new and existing business.

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Commercial Underwriter - West Yorkshire

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 183245

COMMERCIAL UNDERWRITER with 17 years general insurance experience gained within broker and insurer environments. Has an underwriting bias, most recently was delegated to the in-house insurance authority scheme.

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Senior Product Professional - Yorkshire/Greater Manchester

  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref. 213110

SENIOR PRODUCT PROFESSIONAL with 19 years specialist knowledge and crossover experience in insurance and legal sectors. Strong working knowledge of the regulatory and legislative environments.

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